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At Procon, we strongly believe in providing you with the most innovative and superior Modular Building Solution.

Modular building

Modular building

Operating from two Manufacturing Facilities in Swords, Co. Dublin and in Longford, producing over 20,000m2 of Modular Accommodation per Annum.

At Procon, our buildings are delivered to you substantially complete and can be installed and finished to meet short programme times.

Benefits of Modular Building

Benefits of Modular Building


Galvanised Steel
Framed Modular

Each unit comprises of a steel floor and ceiling with evenly spread purlins, these are connected by four steel corner posts.


Every section is assembled to near finish

The units are manufactured separately complete with flooring, insulation, wall and ceiling boards, roof and wall panels, and finished with custom windows and doors.


Building Manufactured in Tandem with Site Works

The factory setting makes Offsite Construction immune to inclement weather, while conducting site works simultaneously chops lead times.


The Sections are transported individually across the country

Once they arrive on site each unit is dropped onto concrete foundations and assembled into one large structure.

Modular V.Tradtional 

Modular V.Tradtional 

Modular V.Tradtional 

Modular V Traditional

Procon Modular Buildings are designed with all external and internal finishes designed to offer you an attractive and low maintenance building, which will last the test of time.

Modular V Traditional

Modular Buildings
Traditional Buildings
Constructed using a combination of wood and concrete and steel+
Meets building regulations++
Concrete floor capability++
Can be installed in tight and inaccessible sites+

WC Units


Temporary and Permanent Bathroom Solutions.

At Procon we now produce Modular Bathroom Units.

Each unit is constructed to completion offsite, at our Dublin based factory. Ready to be shipped nationwide.